Below you can find the list of some of my favourite side projects and some projects I did for my clients.
Web-applicationClient project
Earn - Loyalty program on the BlockchainEarn - is a loyalty program based on the blockchain. I've been doing Shopify-related development, including embeddable Earn widget for Shopify stores.
Commmand-line toolRust
SolChart CLI ToolThe app fetches Solana price from Binance API and draws the candlestick chart in the terminal every 5 seconds. This is the part of private Solana Trading Bot app.
Commmand-line toolNode.js
SolBrew CLI ToolGenerate Solana wallet addresses in bulk.
Shopify Plus AppLive
Tusk - Checkout ConsentTusk empowers you to add personalized consent fields seamlessly to your checkout process, ensuring compliance with legal requirements while fostering a more engaging and transparent shopping journey.
Shopify AppLive
Helpsuite KnowledgebaseHelpsuite allows you to create customizable knowledgebase with embedded support widget and built-in contact form.
Web-applicationClient project
ML VisionML Vision - is a web-application I developed for one of my clients. The app allows automatically detect 3 major colors of the product and add these colors as filter options to Shopify store. App has integration with the Dropbox, and able to process hundreds of images simultaneously. Color detection is using Google Cloud Vision API.
Commmand-line toolClient project
Migration CLI Tool for ShopifyCLI Tool helps migrate data between multiple Shopify shops. The app is written using Laravel Zero.
SaaSComing soon
WidgeteryA simple lead-capture widget for your next project.
SaaSComing soon
Inventory FlareInventory Flare — is an advanced inventory analytics software specifically designed for merchants seeking to optimize their stock levels and maximize their return on investment (ROI) using the principles of Theory of Constraints (TOC).
SaaSComing soon
Reckoned AppA simple invoicing tool.
Web-Application UI Kit
Chakra UI - Admin DashboardA simple Admin Dashboard template built using Chakra UI.
Serverless AppDemo
Serverless Favicon GeneratorA simple Github-like favicon generator hosted on Cloudflare Workers.
PayMe - Checkout Payment SolutionReady to use SaaS app, built on Laravel and uses Stripe Connect to handle payouts.
Shopify AppAcquired
Feedback FoxSimple embeddable javascript widget for collecting customers feedback for Shopify stores.
Shopify AppAcquired
Order Export ProOrder Export Pro allows you to export any custom order data to Excel and PDF.
Shopify AppAcquired
Gifty AppGifty app for Shopify allows you to sell beautiful gift cards even on Shopify Basic plan (the app was built back in 2017 when GiftCards API have been available to Shopify Plus merchants).
Shopify AppAcquired
Orders to Google SheetsOrders to Google Sheets app for Shopify allows you to export orders to Google Sheets, supports manual and automatic export.
Open-source projectArchived
Shopify Serverless Starter AppShopify App Starter Kit built on Serverless Framework and Polaris UI (React.js)
Web-Application UI KitArchived
GraindashboardHTML Admin Template built on Bootstrap 4 and fully compatible with Laravel Framework.
Wordpress pluginClient project
Floor Planner for WordpressA private Wordpress plugin I developed back in 2015 for one of the largest real-estate agencies in Canada. The plugin allows to upload floor plans designed in SVG format and attach custom information to different SVG objects and layers.
Javascript AppAcquired
Drag & Drop Email BuilderDrag & Drop Email Builder script with the extension for Sendy Web Application.
Wordpress Premium PluginAcquired
WP CustomizerWP Customizer - is a premium Wordpress plugin I created back in 2016. It allows users easily customize different sections of their Wordpress website using user-friendly UI.
Wordpress Premium PluginAcquired
WP Easy SubscribersWP Easy Subscribers - is a premium Wordpress plugin, allows users to collect emails via embeddable javascript widget.
Wordpress Premium PluginAcquired
WP Background Music PlayerWP Background Music Player - is a premium Wordpress plugin I developed back in 2014, which allows users to embed a nice looking music player to Wordpress website.
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